duminică, 18 noiembrie 2012

Hello games, goodbye real life

  Did you ever felt like nothing compares to "slay all your enemies" ; " defeat your best friend and than make fun of him " ; " kill them all " ; " have as many head shots as possible " , does this sound familiar ? If it does, yea - you are an addict " son of a mofo " that wants to dominate gaming but never succeed in doing it.
  The answer is simple, you have a problem that needs to be fixed. The cure ? GET A LIFE !
When you hear that answer you will try to " slay " the person who told you that just because he/she is right and the only thing that you like to do is breath, eat, drink, sleep in front of your computer, game console,etc. You would even consider developing a mobile WC so you can do all the " hard work " while you're casting fireball or shooting some zombies.
  World of Warcraft, with over 10 million subscribers that, ally' slays horde and horde does the same thing to allys' . You could say that its a waste of time but when you'll see that you can ride a turtle and play with fire, your opinion will change and sooner then you realize you'll start paying Blizzard and waste /played 3,4 years of your life trying to get the top gear and pwn some noobs. At the end of the day you'll resume all to : " Yeah I got some new boots on my warrior and got 5k honor more, today was a good day " - a good day to change your glasses maybe, because soon your eye image will turn into blurr.
  If you are tired try some Counter Strike, a good head shot will relax you and you are ready for some more action on League of Legends, the new massive and huge dark corner of your gaming life ( the only life that you have at this moment ) , slashing minions and developing new tactics that will bring your enemy down in the dirt. As soon as this happens you will press ENTER and start typing " easy noob , hahhahaha , i own you " and some other crappy ingame " jokes ".

  By the time night comes at your window, you feel like something is missing - some Browser game that you forgot to check 5 seconds ago during your " reviving time " in the other game that is open in your task bar.
  By the end of the day you are a fat mofo or a skinny son of a mofo that feels no pain no need for sleep just need for speed IN GAME, likes " cooking " as a world of warcraft profession, sleeps only IN GAME using the command /sleep, acts like a retard when he looses a league of legend fight, becomes a total idiot when he screams using skype conference - just for the stupid reason that someone stole his kill.
  " Somewhere over the rainbow " a kid had killed himself just to be with his Champions that were sent to graveyard. This is sick but its a true story if you make some Google research.
  This fantasy world that more and more people are living today is dangerous and can cause some real damage to your real life, so try to consider developing your real life skills because the will come much handy someday than your skill in arms on a graphic training dummy !


luni, 5 noiembrie 2012

Facebook experiment - addiction

  We all know what Facebook is. Almost all of us have an account on this website, 1.01 billion people using the site each month. They currently have over 200 million photos uploaded per day, or around 6 billion per month.  There are currently almost 90 billion photos total on Facebook.  This means they are, by far, the largest photos site on the Internet.
  How many views ? Let's keep it simple and don't answer that big number they have. 
This is great, science moving on, we are moving on and our social website is making billions of dollars but that is another story.
  What about our obsession for this website ? Let me give you some examples:

  • At the beginning
All my friends have it, why should I not ?  And you start to complete the form to register. You get your best photo and you set it as a profile photo, expecting to rock the Facebook world and get as many likes as possible. Maybe you become so LIKED that you get your own page and you've almost become the most popular person on your street. 
  After that you start getting some friends because without it you can have only 0 likes and that's bad for your future " most wanted Facebook star ". You add your friends and you tell them to suggest other friends too. You even add your relatives so they can see you how big you are now, how all grown up and ready to be a big celebrity. Sometimes you even comment their photos, hoping to get some + score from others.
  Now you must already have  "27663904" photos and "637289" albums, 3998 friends and a bunch of likes to show off ! Your life is better now, you are a Facebook celebrity among your friends.
  By the time all of your friends come home you had already posted some nonsense status or shared some stupid video of your dog or cat or some "adventure" you had at school or work. No one cares about it but they give you a "Likeeee" for your effort. 

  Now this website is updated everyday so you have a cover photo and you are very excited to fill that white gap over there with some eye hurting image.
  After you do all this simple thing - there is nothing left for you to do, only to complete the about forms. Go ! Show off how smart you are, how much you read, how much of a boxer you are ( you like all kind of fighters ), how romantic you are ( you like stupid love photos - that website shares to make money whit your shares and likes ). You start giving your email, your messenger id and even your address, hoping that someday a big film producer or whatever will contact you to give you the big money !
  You are a superstar, stop reading this ! ( if it is the case ), you don't need my opinion.

When you get bored , you take some of your just bought clothes and you all dress up, go into your bathroom and make some flashy, funky, hot photos to share with your " fans ". If you are a girl remember " no clothes " is the key to success in life !
  If you are " a pro " like many of facebook users are you start editing your photos, adding over - ugly and eye hurting texts or icons or whatever stupidity crosses your mind. Waiting for a comment : " OMG you're so true, your photos are amazing, I wanna be like you, my beautiful xoxo, kisses ! " . Now you are complete, a true legend on Facebook.
  • In the end
Things are not how they look like, you are just a simple person hitting the refresh option on your facebook page, waiting for a new notification to make your day better. As soon as it comes you realize its a " invitation to play Poker " and you get back your bored, not smiling face.
  You wait for a message but when it shows up, the only thing you get is some spam site - making some advertise.
  You're not a star, not even close, you check your friends everyday and you have an obsession for this website. After you log on in and you see everything that you can possible see that day, you log off and after you close your browser, you drink a glass of water and you say " let's see what's new on facebook " . 
  The irony is that you are some kind addicted to this site and you try to impress more than you can in real life ( on chat , in photos , etc ) . Your addiction is " feeded " with news about your ex, about your teacher, your best friend, your community and you can never get enough.
  The question is : Can you live without your facebook profile ?

This is a fantasy irony and you must treat it like one.

duminică, 4 noiembrie 2012

How to not waste your time staring at your computer screen

  You know that you waste your time, you do it every day, some time even more than you realize. Is this " time wasting " the only thing you can do when you have just nothing better to do ? This hard to read sentence is probably the question that you ask yourself when you are staring at your computer screen.
 " Why am I doing this ? "
The answer, you must find it, because it depends on your perspective. We find ourselves sitting in that lazy computer chair, surfing the Internet with no purpose, no direction, just a strange feeling that we waste this precious time.
  " Time means money " - a common thought that crosses our mind but what if we don't have a way of making money or at that moment we can't go to our job or do some extra. We can't go from door to door to ask someone to pay us because our time means money. So we start searching " make online money ", " get rich fast ", " online jobs ", " work from home " and we click and click and click and search more and apply for some stupid forms of getting money, even if we know that 90% are scams or sites that try to get some traffic, fake ads or just a normal honest site that will pay you the magnificent amount of 0.0000000001 $ for doing nothing. Call a limo driver we are rich now + 0.0000000001 $ with a blink of an eye.
  So you find yourself playing a boring arcade game, because nothing works for you. Your bank account is the same, you are in the same bad mood, plus you wasted about 3,4 hour of your time that you'll never get it back.
Or another good scenario is you holding your head in your palm and refreshing the Facebook page on and on and on, until your " finger decides " there is a waste of clicks for your mouse.
  When you go to sleep that night, you'll ask yourself : " what have I accomplished today ? " and the answer would be something like this : " today was a total waste of time ".

  My solution is that when you feel like this, you should grab a book. Reading is the only thing that develop your imagination far beyond your limits. It's never a waste of time if you read a book or an article about something that can change you, improve you or auto educate.
  Nothing compares with the smell of a good book. By reading you can say that you are one step further then you were before, because you are one step smarter and improved than before.
  Develop your mind, education and body and when you will go to sleep that night you will feel that every part of you was improved and ready for the next day " adventure " to come.
  A problem many people have is there are many more things we need to be doing but it's difficult to get the motivation to do them. In my case I start with some "improve "something" - article " because your mind and knowledge is the only thing that no one can steal from you.

Lose fat, get fit, free story

  • Hello pretty, goodbye fatty !
If you think that reading this you will loose some kilos, you are so wrong. Actually you burn some calories as you are reading and I lose some too as I'm typing this but the big essence isn't here, the big "war" will start in your mind and every battle will get you stronger, fitter, good looking and more .
     If you can't develop some ambition, if you can't keep a diet and if you don't like sport, you can stop reading this isn't for you or you are pleased with who you are.
    If you want to make a change, to feel the difference and be proud of what you have accomplished, start reading more, it's free, no e-book, nothing to buy or to sell, just follow us !
  • Ambition - First step
Ambition the key to everything, you won't believe how many things you can do using your ambition. If you don't have one, I'm happy to tell you that you can't buy one but you can develop one for free.
    In life we all have some purpose, some expectations - great or small ones but I think you will have greater expectations from yourself after you build some muscle and you'll get some confidence in your own strength.
   Ambition must be your first mindset, something that will run trough your veins, feel it, develop it, sleep with it, wake up with it in your mind because ambition is everything from being fat to being fit. from being poor to being rich and so on.
   It must be your desire for personal achievement and now when you know all about it and you found your inside plan to develop it, we can go to the next step.
  • Breath, eat, drink, live, sleep, dream, relax
Do you feel your ambition, are you ready to inspire others by showing what you have accomplished ? take a big breath and set your mind to what you would like to be. Muscular , skinny , fatty ? Everyone of this type needs to breath, eat, drink, sleep and relax from time to time but you need more if you want to be fit, you need double if you want to be muscular and if you are kind of fatty you need hard work to get a little bit skinny.
    We need to concentrate, starting with breathing, key of life, without it nothing is possible. Open your window in the morning and take 5-10 deep breaths, feel the oxygen running through your body, go wash your face with cold water, how does it feels ? Better than 2-3-4 coffees or whatever energy drink you used to have in the morning. ( By the way : energy drinks are horrible, don't approach them. I like to consider them as long time killers among cigarettes and alcohol ), so breathing and cold water is healthier and free.
    We are what we eat. True, but the sad thing is that we are kind of "rotten" inside ( some of us ) because of what we eat. Let's start eating well, no more fast food, no more fried potatoes and sweets, no more sodas. If you feel the need of getting something sweet in your "system", try some honey. You can even combine some toasted bread with butter and honey ( PS : don't exaggerate ! one or two slices of bread is enough for you too eliminate the need of sweets ).
    So what do you do when you feel like you want some soda some acidulate cold drink ? It's simple : you think at me and my time spent here writing this for you to get fit, loose some fat, get healthier and you DON'T take that drink, you ask for some water and you imagine me clapping for you and tell yourself that today you had a healthier day and you are on the right side of the road to being stronger.
    Don't forget to sleep and relax, this is very important. Have about at least 8 hours of sleep everyday, and from time to time get some relaxing activities.
    Now that we have the basics we can move further.
  • Sport
Nothing works without sport, believe me ! Try the basics, do jogging, if you can't everyday, try once at 2 days. For about 30-40 minutes, don't try to make a record and run for hours, that isn't necessary to get in fit. Intense jogging its the first step for you to get off some body fat and strengthen your muscles. Remember ! Any kind of sport , 30-40 minutes/day, you will get the results !
    I wont try to make you do some strange exercises or go to a gym or buy some expensive equipment, running is free and everyone has a place where he/she can jog.

  • Long story - short
This "story" is not for developing great muscle mass or to participate in a great competition, is just for you to get fit and get healthier. I'm sure that you can find a lot of this types of "stories" around the Internet but almost all of them want something in return. My "story" its free and I'm happy to help you a little bit if possible.
    Stay out of sweets ( use honey ) , drink a lot of water ( try more than 2l/day - it will clear your body like nothing else ), stay out of fried products , fast food and sodas. Try fruits and vegetables as many as you can, they will never do you wrong . Use rice not white bread . Try to develop a plan for you and combine this to suite you. Do sport, every single day ! Live your life .

  • Feedback
Do you have the guts ? Do you have the ambition to try this advices for one week ? Or maybe you have the great motivation to try it for one month ? You have nothing to lose ! But you have much to gain. Try to have sport combined with every day chores. Motivate yourself and don't forget that the power to succeed is in your mind, just apply it !
     If you like our story send us a feedback and I'll try to personalize your program a little bit to suite you more. Remember that you have nothing to lose so try it !

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The chronicle of voidness - Part 8

Madam are you there ?
     No answer . As I was approaching her I felt my spine shaking and all my emotions going crazy. She was lying on a cold piece of metal. Never been so scared before as I was touching her shoulder to see if she is dead or something else happened to her.
     Madam, are you all right ? She turned her face, looking me straight into my eyes :
     There is no hope my boy ! Run ! Run !
A cold dark cloud was embracing her, disappearing into the void. I watched terrified and my mind was blocked on her last words " there is no hope " , for what ? [ to be continued ... ]

Jump to part 1 ]

vineri, 2 noiembrie 2012

Best Horror Movie 2012

     I was surprised to see that they make good horror movies in 2012 too.
     Eamon Farren plays his role fantastic for 94 minutes of terrifying action. It all starts from a young man drama in his family, as a little boy he was tortured by his father and witnesses things that no child should see.
     " Chained " kept me and my friends chained in front of my computer and I must say I don't regret this 94 minutes.
     Are you prepared to call for a taxi ?
More info : Here

3in1 Smartphone

Smart 3in1 mobile phone !


joi, 1 noiembrie 2012

" Blonda si SIM-ul magic " Dumb Blonde

Q: Why do blondes drive BMWs?
A: Because they can spell it.

Let's get serious !

" Having deviated from its original sense of "gypsy" which implies such attributes as "dirty, tasteless, dumb-ass, piece of shit motherfucker with no other purpose than stealing, pickpocketing, begging and listening to manele", the word "COCALAR" designates today a mutant sub-type form of Romanian youth. It is used in a derogatory way, so as to express the full despise that these ambulant pieces of shit deserve although actions such as spitting and pissing on them wouldn't make them dirtier in any way -- they seem to have a preference for shiny, cheap, fake brand items, mullets, manele, big crosses, and pick-up lines such as "mami, when can i take you out for a soup" or " im not this tall, but i am standing on my wallet right now". Among their idols: Cristiano Ronaldo, Adi Minune, 90% of Romanian Football players, Mihai Mitoseru, any other manele singer (Romeo Fantastik, Costin Marculescu) " ( Form here )

duminică, 28 octombrie 2012

Cristian Gog vs Chuck Norris

Cristian Gog - Romanian Mentalist can disarm Norris using only his mind ! lol for that !

Cheloo vs " Miracle " Adrian

        " From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Adrian Minune (real name Adrian Simionescu, born September 24, 1974) is a Romani-Romanian manele singer. "

Plus : His face so ugly when he walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillance cameras !

1st Photoshop - personal project ncVoid




sâmbătă, 27 octombrie 2012

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean, smells good, works great !

     The new version of Android ( 4.1 ) was much expected worldwide. I tested it on my Galaxy S3 but I had to wait a lot because they were updating in order or something .
     Updated using Samsung Kies and I did a fresh "restore factory defaults" before I installed Jelly Bean.
     Works great, smells good but it feels kind of weird because if you get used to your old version of Android 4.0.4 some of your buttons might not be in the same place you used to tap em.

     Plus : where are all my emoticons ?! ( Before the update, when your GF asked you " kiss me ? " you could tap a few times on the " :-* " button and you were set for a couple of minutes with her thinking you made such an effort to type many " :-* " so where are my emoticons ?!

Jelly Beam
Smasung Kies
Samsung Galaxy S3

joi, 25 octombrie 2012

The chronicle of voidness - Part 7

     Who am I ? Lets say " the unnamed hero ". Where do I come from ? Not so important. Where is my family ? My friends ? Hmm ... You will find out soon.
     This thick mist is sticky, harder and harder to breathe through. I am walking down my street, heading to my town center hoping to find some answers there. The wind has stopped, suddenly is very quiet around here, looking like another " dawn of the dead " morning. At the nearest gas station I've stopped. Looking around I strangely recognize my neighbor jacket, an old lady who always wear a big orange jacket.
     Madam are you there ?

[ to be continued ]

luni, 22 octombrie 2012

The chronicle of voidness - Part 6

No ... ! The only word I say when I get scared, a cold hand touched my back. I'm horrified and I can't turn my body, just waiting for something to happen. I managed to breath again when I saw a scary metal hand dropped on the floor from some kind of toy solider it seems. I think I'm to scared of my own shadow these days, I left the house in a hurry and get back on the street.
     I think I will go back to my house get some supply and hit the road.

[ to be continued ]

duminică, 21 octombrie 2012

The chronicle of voidness - Part 5

The night has come, cold chills but it seems I'm the only one that feels it. I've decided to go in because I don't know what to do next. Manage to get in through that small crack.
     A small doll on the floor next to a burned up chair and a few pieces of wood standing. Breathing started to be really hard, I'm getting kind of dizzy and this is just the start of ... NO !

[ to be continued ]

sâmbătă, 20 octombrie 2012

The chronicle of voidness - Part 4

That ... dream ... I'll talk about it later, my street view still shocks me. I'm walking, breathing, feeling like something is following me, em I dreaming again ? Paranoia ? No ... this is real as my mobile phone that says " no network " but battery still 78%, no use anyway. This road feels endless nothing to see and nobody here.
    Something got my attention, there was a house next to me, I knew those people but when I had a closer look this wasn't what used to be. A grey wood house looking like its going to fall apart, no window, no door just a strange hole in the middle. Only a crazy person would think about entering in - and its getting kind of dark outside.

[ to be continued ]

Do we like under construction projects ?

Sometime when you hit "go" you find your desired website "under construction", this can be a start for your project.

A little peek inside a Video Romanian community project. HERE

Opinions ?

joi, 18 octombrie 2012

The chronicle of voidness - Part 3

[...] I remember having a dream about this, I'm sure I saw all of it somehow. It was an ordinary day like this one when the ground started to shake and we all thought its an earthquake, but this was different. It looked like the earth was trying to breath and with each breath, fire was exhaled.
     Chaos and agony - the two words in my dreaming mind, while everyone was trying to get to a safer place on a higher top. Soon, hills and mountains were overpopulated, while the fire was expanding eating pieces and pieces of ground. I remember Tibet, at that altitude the fire couldn't get there but the people there were prepared sayin' " it will come here too in the end - we must go higher ".  Some strange gates opened leading to an unknown passage .

[ to be continued ]

marți, 16 octombrie 2012

The Walking Dead

" Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies. "

For this kind of movie lovers, its addictive, its a TV series that will capture your attention and w'll kill some of your time that you won't regret. I bet you'll say " who is going to die now ? "

Have a look : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1520211/

You can find it online here .

luni, 15 octombrie 2012

The chronicle of voidness - Part 2

     There is no place like home, they say but it feels nothing like home around here anymore. Starting to feel a little odd, grabbed my jacket thinking that the answer should be outside. Opening the door - my street appeared like a war zone.
     This street used to be full of life, cars going up and down, kids playing and making funny noises.
Morbid thoughts inside my head as I was staring at empty bottles all around, leftovers, boxes, wrecked cars - shocking the houses were intact . Why ?
[ to be continued ]

duminică, 14 octombrie 2012


Define ambition :  " A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
Desire and determination to achieve success. "
     Ambition its priceless, its something that must run trough your veins on the life road to become successful. It the only weapon you have against anyone that's better than you, ambition makes the difference.
     When you fell you're stuck, keep in mind a word that speaks for itself : AMBITION

The Grey

" After their plane crashes in Alaska, six oil workers are led by a skilled huntsman to survival, but a pack of merciless wolves haunts their every step. "

Would you survive in this conditions ? Things that can change your view of life can happen anytime .

Have a look

The chronicle of voidness - Another day

     Feeling a cold rush on my spine, a strange feeling about this new day. Weather gray, the fog is everywhere surrounding  everything and everyone.
     Maybe I should start moving to a better place, but how ? I can't feel my feet standing near the window, can't hear no cars, no people talking, no nothing. The world stopped ... for how long ?
[ to be continued ]


sâmbătă, 13 octombrie 2012

Into the Wild

   Spend some time Into the wild , a great experience for life and a
perfect place to meditate about yourself .
   Have a look : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0758758/

" After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters that shape his life. "

Dream a dream

" Easy to dream a dream but harder to live it "

Every night you dream or not, but every day you live your dream ?

Do we need motivation ?

“Learning from success is important but learning from failure is vital to succeeding” 
Never be afraid of failure, I never did - still learning from my mistakes, would you do the same ? Im hearin' every single day someone laughin' about someones "fall down" thinking that they'll never do the same, they'll never do the same mistake, but time is passin' by and they forget, falling " into the void ", should we laugh ?
    Succes so hard ... failure so easy - combine them maybe you get a successful failure :)