duminică, 4 noiembrie 2012

How to not waste your time staring at your computer screen

  You know that you waste your time, you do it every day, some time even more than you realize. Is this " time wasting " the only thing you can do when you have just nothing better to do ? This hard to read sentence is probably the question that you ask yourself when you are staring at your computer screen.
 " Why am I doing this ? "
The answer, you must find it, because it depends on your perspective. We find ourselves sitting in that lazy computer chair, surfing the Internet with no purpose, no direction, just a strange feeling that we waste this precious time.
  " Time means money " - a common thought that crosses our mind but what if we don't have a way of making money or at that moment we can't go to our job or do some extra. We can't go from door to door to ask someone to pay us because our time means money. So we start searching " make online money ", " get rich fast ", " online jobs ", " work from home " and we click and click and click and search more and apply for some stupid forms of getting money, even if we know that 90% are scams or sites that try to get some traffic, fake ads or just a normal honest site that will pay you the magnificent amount of 0.0000000001 $ for doing nothing. Call a limo driver we are rich now + 0.0000000001 $ with a blink of an eye.
  So you find yourself playing a boring arcade game, because nothing works for you. Your bank account is the same, you are in the same bad mood, plus you wasted about 3,4 hour of your time that you'll never get it back.
Or another good scenario is you holding your head in your palm and refreshing the Facebook page on and on and on, until your " finger decides " there is a waste of clicks for your mouse.
  When you go to sleep that night, you'll ask yourself : " what have I accomplished today ? " and the answer would be something like this : " today was a total waste of time ".

  My solution is that when you feel like this, you should grab a book. Reading is the only thing that develop your imagination far beyond your limits. It's never a waste of time if you read a book or an article about something that can change you, improve you or auto educate.
  Nothing compares with the smell of a good book. By reading you can say that you are one step further then you were before, because you are one step smarter and improved than before.
  Develop your mind, education and body and when you will go to sleep that night you will feel that every part of you was improved and ready for the next day " adventure " to come.
  A problem many people have is there are many more things we need to be doing but it's difficult to get the motivation to do them. In my case I start with some "improve "something" - article " because your mind and knowledge is the only thing that no one can steal from you.

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