duminică, 18 noiembrie 2012

Hello games, goodbye real life

  Did you ever felt like nothing compares to "slay all your enemies" ; " defeat your best friend and than make fun of him " ; " kill them all " ; " have as many head shots as possible " , does this sound familiar ? If it does, yea - you are an addict " son of a mofo " that wants to dominate gaming but never succeed in doing it.
  The answer is simple, you have a problem that needs to be fixed. The cure ? GET A LIFE !
When you hear that answer you will try to " slay " the person who told you that just because he/she is right and the only thing that you like to do is breath, eat, drink, sleep in front of your computer, game console,etc. You would even consider developing a mobile WC so you can do all the " hard work " while you're casting fireball or shooting some zombies.
  World of Warcraft, with over 10 million subscribers that, ally' slays horde and horde does the same thing to allys' . You could say that its a waste of time but when you'll see that you can ride a turtle and play with fire, your opinion will change and sooner then you realize you'll start paying Blizzard and waste /played 3,4 years of your life trying to get the top gear and pwn some noobs. At the end of the day you'll resume all to : " Yeah I got some new boots on my warrior and got 5k honor more, today was a good day " - a good day to change your glasses maybe, because soon your eye image will turn into blurr.
  If you are tired try some Counter Strike, a good head shot will relax you and you are ready for some more action on League of Legends, the new massive and huge dark corner of your gaming life ( the only life that you have at this moment ) , slashing minions and developing new tactics that will bring your enemy down in the dirt. As soon as this happens you will press ENTER and start typing " easy noob , hahhahaha , i own you " and some other crappy ingame " jokes ".

  By the time night comes at your window, you feel like something is missing - some Browser game that you forgot to check 5 seconds ago during your " reviving time " in the other game that is open in your task bar.
  By the end of the day you are a fat mofo or a skinny son of a mofo that feels no pain no need for sleep just need for speed IN GAME, likes " cooking " as a world of warcraft profession, sleeps only IN GAME using the command /sleep, acts like a retard when he looses a league of legend fight, becomes a total idiot when he screams using skype conference - just for the stupid reason that someone stole his kill.
  " Somewhere over the rainbow " a kid had killed himself just to be with his Champions that were sent to graveyard. This is sick but its a true story if you make some Google research.
  This fantasy world that more and more people are living today is dangerous and can cause some real damage to your real life, so try to consider developing your real life skills because the will come much handy someday than your skill in arms on a graphic training dummy !


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