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Lose fat, get fit, free story

  • Hello pretty, goodbye fatty !
If you think that reading this you will loose some kilos, you are so wrong. Actually you burn some calories as you are reading and I lose some too as I'm typing this but the big essence isn't here, the big "war" will start in your mind and every battle will get you stronger, fitter, good looking and more .
     If you can't develop some ambition, if you can't keep a diet and if you don't like sport, you can stop reading this isn't for you or you are pleased with who you are.
    If you want to make a change, to feel the difference and be proud of what you have accomplished, start reading more, it's free, no e-book, nothing to buy or to sell, just follow us !
  • Ambition - First step
Ambition the key to everything, you won't believe how many things you can do using your ambition. If you don't have one, I'm happy to tell you that you can't buy one but you can develop one for free.
    In life we all have some purpose, some expectations - great or small ones but I think you will have greater expectations from yourself after you build some muscle and you'll get some confidence in your own strength.
   Ambition must be your first mindset, something that will run trough your veins, feel it, develop it, sleep with it, wake up with it in your mind because ambition is everything from being fat to being fit. from being poor to being rich and so on.
   It must be your desire for personal achievement and now when you know all about it and you found your inside plan to develop it, we can go to the next step.
  • Breath, eat, drink, live, sleep, dream, relax
Do you feel your ambition, are you ready to inspire others by showing what you have accomplished ? take a big breath and set your mind to what you would like to be. Muscular , skinny , fatty ? Everyone of this type needs to breath, eat, drink, sleep and relax from time to time but you need more if you want to be fit, you need double if you want to be muscular and if you are kind of fatty you need hard work to get a little bit skinny.
    We need to concentrate, starting with breathing, key of life, without it nothing is possible. Open your window in the morning and take 5-10 deep breaths, feel the oxygen running through your body, go wash your face with cold water, how does it feels ? Better than 2-3-4 coffees or whatever energy drink you used to have in the morning. ( By the way : energy drinks are horrible, don't approach them. I like to consider them as long time killers among cigarettes and alcohol ), so breathing and cold water is healthier and free.
    We are what we eat. True, but the sad thing is that we are kind of "rotten" inside ( some of us ) because of what we eat. Let's start eating well, no more fast food, no more fried potatoes and sweets, no more sodas. If you feel the need of getting something sweet in your "system", try some honey. You can even combine some toasted bread with butter and honey ( PS : don't exaggerate ! one or two slices of bread is enough for you too eliminate the need of sweets ).
    So what do you do when you feel like you want some soda some acidulate cold drink ? It's simple : you think at me and my time spent here writing this for you to get fit, loose some fat, get healthier and you DON'T take that drink, you ask for some water and you imagine me clapping for you and tell yourself that today you had a healthier day and you are on the right side of the road to being stronger.
    Don't forget to sleep and relax, this is very important. Have about at least 8 hours of sleep everyday, and from time to time get some relaxing activities.
    Now that we have the basics we can move further.
  • Sport
Nothing works without sport, believe me ! Try the basics, do jogging, if you can't everyday, try once at 2 days. For about 30-40 minutes, don't try to make a record and run for hours, that isn't necessary to get in fit. Intense jogging its the first step for you to get off some body fat and strengthen your muscles. Remember ! Any kind of sport , 30-40 minutes/day, you will get the results !
    I wont try to make you do some strange exercises or go to a gym or buy some expensive equipment, running is free and everyone has a place where he/she can jog.

  • Long story - short
This "story" is not for developing great muscle mass or to participate in a great competition, is just for you to get fit and get healthier. I'm sure that you can find a lot of this types of "stories" around the Internet but almost all of them want something in return. My "story" its free and I'm happy to help you a little bit if possible.
    Stay out of sweets ( use honey ) , drink a lot of water ( try more than 2l/day - it will clear your body like nothing else ), stay out of fried products , fast food and sodas. Try fruits and vegetables as many as you can, they will never do you wrong . Use rice not white bread . Try to develop a plan for you and combine this to suite you. Do sport, every single day ! Live your life .

  • Feedback
Do you have the guts ? Do you have the ambition to try this advices for one week ? Or maybe you have the great motivation to try it for one month ? You have nothing to lose ! But you have much to gain. Try to have sport combined with every day chores. Motivate yourself and don't forget that the power to succeed is in your mind, just apply it !
     If you like our story send us a feedback and I'll try to personalize your program a little bit to suite you more. Remember that you have nothing to lose so try it !

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