joi, 1 noiembrie 2012

Let's get serious !

" Having deviated from its original sense of "gypsy" which implies such attributes as "dirty, tasteless, dumb-ass, piece of shit motherfucker with no other purpose than stealing, pickpocketing, begging and listening to manele", the word "COCALAR" designates today a mutant sub-type form of Romanian youth. It is used in a derogatory way, so as to express the full despise that these ambulant pieces of shit deserve although actions such as spitting and pissing on them wouldn't make them dirtier in any way -- they seem to have a preference for shiny, cheap, fake brand items, mullets, manele, big crosses, and pick-up lines such as "mami, when can i take you out for a soup" or " im not this tall, but i am standing on my wallet right now". Among their idols: Cristiano Ronaldo, Adi Minune, 90% of Romanian Football players, Mihai Mitoseru, any other manele singer (Romeo Fantastik, Costin Marculescu) " ( Form here )

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